About Us

PASSASCP.COM is a complete solution for laboratory professionals preparing for ASCP, AMT exams and also students in laboratory schools. The program curates thousands of questions to make it easier for students to revise when preparing for board exams. 

PASSASCP.COM had always been a dream of mine. I always envisioned gathering smart scientists to build something that was truly ours as laboratory professionals.


Let Numbers Talk

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Our Vision
A Competent Laboratory Workforce.

Laboratories run millions of tests a year and for every single test result, there is a patient behind it who may find the answer they have been looking for a long time, from that result. It is therefore our duty to make sure that laboratory professionals are well equipped with knowledge and resources to perform tests and aid in diagnosis in a timely and accurate manner. 

Our Mission
To enhance education opportunities for laboratory professionals through low cost hands on learning packages

Our work here is to broaden education opportunities for laboratory professionals using a low cost model/approach.